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    Learn Hook (LH) is a mumbai based QA company that helps customer outsource software testing at lower cost and lower risk. we offer tailored, dedicated testing teams with required skill sets and experience. The teams can adapt to your specific working processes, testing needs and technology choices to ensure tight alignment with your customer’s need.

    Testing: Testing of Multimedia Products such as E-learning products, Intranet Sites/Applications, CD-ROMS, Websites, etc. We have capabilities of testing products on all major Windows and Mac OS. The company also offers its services as a consultant for creating internal Testing Department within Multimedia companies.

    Majority of the Testing company's worldwide concentrate on Software testing and which has created a big vacuum for testing in the Multimedia Industry. However we at LH understand the reach of multimedia and the importance of ensuring a quality multimedia product for the client. Hence in the multimedia spectrum we are participating as key enablers a well-designed and quality driven multimedia product.

  • Our Principles

    Learn Hook has come into existence as a brain child of a group of young dynamic professional who using their industry experience and creative thought process want to create a niche in the learning space and provide a solution which meets the FIRST TIME RIGHT principal.

    "NICHE" as it stands for LH

    New: An idea that can design a solution that takes in account the end user experience and doesn't get restricted to just the learning needs designed by the customer.

    Innovative: By understanding customer requirements and need for solution and provide a roadmap which can help customers assimilate and choose the solution options which enables their growth.

    Collaborative: Workings as partners and understanding the business need for a required solution to attain the business/learning goal.

    Human: The most important aspect to the whole learning spectrum is the human essence and our solution ensures the same.

    Excellence: Ensuring delivery output in all aspects which gives the client a reason to smile.

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    Learn Hook, Marol, Andheri - (East). Mumbai - 400 059.
    E-mail: enquiry@learnhook.co.in
  • Testing

    The professionals at LH have a collaborative experience of working on 100+ projects for various industries ranging from Airline, Education, Telecommunication, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc and number of them being Fortune 500 firms..

    Our services encompass the whole testing cycle i.e.: Requirement Analysis, Test Design, Testing Cycles, Test Reporting and Test Analysis. Currently we carry out only manual testing services, tailored to suit your requirements. The details are as below :

    Requirement Analysis
    Testing should begin in the requirements phase of a development life cycle. During the design phase, testers work with the development team in determining the key aspects of a design and setting up parameters for testing the developed product. A Test Plan is an important test asset used at different levels of testing. It details the Scope of testing at the specific level, completion criteria for testing Test Cases, and the elements of testing such as Test Script and Test Environment.

    Test Design
    A test case is a set of inputs, execution conditions, and expected results that are designed for testing a particular aspect of a multimedia product. Test case creation is an activity performed while defining the testing strategy for a software project. This activity helps us ensure that the various data paths, conditions, branches, internal structures, and function calls in the software are executed appropriately.

    Testing Cycles
    Functional Testing is the process of attempting to detect differences between a functional specification of a program and its actual behaviour. It verifies that the multimedia product performs the activities as per client's expectation. It includes a combination of both - positive and negative scenarios (i.e. valid inputs and invalid inputs).

    Test Reporting
    Compatibility testing is typically defined in terms of hardware and software setup for testing a product. It also ensures about the functionality and reliability of the product on the supported browsers and platforms in place at the customer sites.

    Test Analysis
    Regression testing is the activity of re-executing some or all the test cases and checking the results for correctness. It helps check for any unintended side effects against the changes made during testing.

    In addition more often than not testing companies offer these value added services to Software/Multimedia Development companies only. Yet we are an exception, in addition to Software/Multimedia Developers, we focus on varied industries that cyclically produce E-learning and multimedia products. They include:
    Educational Sector (Publishers, Universities, etc.)
    Corporate Sector (Banks, Insurance Companies, etc.)
    Service Industry (Hotel, Tourism, etc.)
    For the above-mentioned sectors we work on your behalf as QA auditors and make sure the products developed meet every stringency standard. We meticulously test each and every program so that it meets the most rigorous Quality Standards. Extending the ambit of our services, we now also take on assignments pertaining to preparing test cases, defect tracking, documentation etc.

    We have been part of the paradigm shift that the Learning Industry has undergone in recent times. Moving from CD-ROM's and websites to intranet based e-learning products and simulations; it has been a big change. And our hunger has only grown bigger. Our resources gleefully rub their hands at the prospect of testing products developed specially in Adobe (formally Macromedia) Flash, Director and Authorware. In short, you could call us a bunch of battle-hardened professionals who won't give up unless the product is tested to perfection.

  • Staffing Solutions

    LH offers a full spectrum of staffing services enabling you to access IT candidates with your chosen skills. We help recruit talent requirements on a direct-hire basis by connecting you to professionals that will help make the most of your marketing opportunities.

    We are Preferred Partner for our client:
    Talent Pool
    LH has an excellent network of professionals across several core skill sets. Our professional commitment is to meet your requirement.

    The Right Fit
    Over the last few years, LH has made thousands of talent matches for its client teams and projects. Our selection procedure is not restricted to just rigorous interviews and an elaborate tech testing process. We go beyond these usual procedures to ensure that each candidate has a personality that fits in your team.

  • Disha

    The LH team after understanding the core needs and requirements of students and school of current times has come up with Disha.
    Disha as the name suggest formulates a direction to enable growth and success.

    Strategic Advantages
    ➢ Low Cost of Ownership
    ➢ Total Operational Automation
    ➢ Multiple Campus Management
    ➢ One-Time Fee Of the System
    ➢ Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet with Automatic Synchronization
    ➢ Mobile Platforms
    ➢ Scalable and Customizable
    ➢ Support and Maintenance

    Advantages to Management
    ➢ Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
    ➢ Creation of school's tech savvy image
    ➢ Complete automation of all operations
    ➢ Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
    ➢ Best possible resource optimization
    ➢ Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management
    ➢ Cost-effective one point solution for total school management
    ➢ Decreases paper work to great extent making the process cost effective

    Advantages to Teachers
    ➢ Automated student attendance(just need to enter the no. of absentees)
    ➢ Computerized management of marks and grades
    ➢ Timetable creation in advance
    ➢ Homework assignment to students and approval
    ➢ Availability of more time for students
    ➢ Efficient and effective interaction with parents
    ➢ Access to a forum common to students and parents
    ➢ Access to own and students' attendance
    ➢ Better organization of school activities

    Advantages to Students
    ➢ Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers (mails, SMS alerts)
    ➢ Online submission of homework
    ➢ Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
    ➢ Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums
    ➢ Prior information about school events and holidays

    Advantages to Parents
    ➢ Frequent interaction with teachers
    ➢ Active participation in school activities
    ➢ Reliable update on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment.
    ➢ Tracking of homework assigned by teacher to their child
    ➢ Prior information about school events and holidays

    Planning and Managing the Requirements
    ➢ Identify and document the roles and responsibilities of your team members
    ➢ Identify, describe, and categorize all stakeholders
    ➢ Define a work division strategy
    ➢ Define a strategy to handle risks
    ➢ Select Requirement-Gathering Activities
    ➢ Estimate and Appraise the Requirement-Gathering Activities
    ➢ Manage the Scope of the Requirements
    ➢ Recording Changes and Submitting for Approval

  • Graphics

    LH also caters the requirement of a talented graphic team which has specialized skills in 2D animation and illustrations.

  • Development of CBT/WBT

    LH's content development and conversion services, are compliant with leading industry standards such as AICC and SCORM, and are offered on a wide range of domain, technology and delivery platforms:

    Content for Classroom-based Training - Our experienced pool of technical writers and instructional designers, have designed and delivered a variety of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses.

    Content for Technology-based Training - In the software and education sphere we are equipped to deliver best in class technology based training using graphics, animation, simulations, games, audio and video. We have the capacity to develop media-rich Computer-based Training (CBT) packages that engage learners in interactive learning experiences. We can also develop bandwidth-optimized Web-based Training (WBT) packages that combine the effectiveness of multimedia with the advantages of anytime, anywhere learning on web.

  • Simulations

    Our Simulation based learning solutions are goal-centric, and contain ample practice opportunities combined with meaningful and real-time experience. While designing these simulations, the main focus is on decisions taken and its consequences. These simulations also include coaching and memorable examples from experts. This helps in provides a true competitive advantage by significantly accelerating your employees' and partners' ability to perform at their best – immediately.

    This approach involves critical mistake targeting i.e. identifying those crucial behaviors and mistakes that have the most significant impact on employee performance. By designing a simulated experience directly addressing these costly mistakes thereby maximizing a given employee's productivity and value as a business asset.

  • Content Conversion And Localization

    Often custom training/learning content is developed in a particular form that binds the learning content to a particular viewer group. For a wider access, the learning content needs to be transformed from one form to another. LH's can convert your pre-existing learning modules enabling them to work on the web and harness its highest potential to train the target group. LHs Custom Learning Content Conversion covers the following:
    ILT to CBT:- Revised instructional strategies and new platform (media) are applied to convert learning content to an interactive, self-paced learning module.
    ILT to WBT:- ILT learning content is transformed into synchronous or asynchronous WBT form by applying revised instructional and interactive strategies.
    CBT to WBT:- This primarily consists of migration to Web technologies and optimizing the media for low-bandwidth delivery.
    We also offer services like conversion of pre-existing web-based learning content to ensure compatibility with a learning platform of client's choice and development of web-enabled manuals.

  • Content Development For Instructor Led Training

    Instructor-led training is recommended for critical technical staff - who are new to the organization and need induction training. A dedicated, in-house team of LHS analysts tracks and absorbs rapidly changing technology, does gap-mitigation for training of the staff and develops the training module.

  • Development Of Customised Interactive Sessions

    LHS offer to develop content from expert lectures and offers it as one of its technology based learning solutions. This way the training is able to capture, reuse and distribute expert knowledge available within the organization (or sometimes outside the organization). LH's transforms the expert instructional material, including presentation, handouts, job-aids, and the other instructional activities - such as group activities or discussions, into Customized Interactive Sessions in a recorded form. LH's unique instructional design approach and development process ensures that the overall training time is reduced significantly by (at least 30 to 40 % as compared to traditional ILT session), and refined content is available for deployment.

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